• Air Battle 2

    Pilot a flying cannon contraption through 35 levels.Destroy your enemies and avoid hazards as you make your way to the exit door. Grab coins to increase your score.  PLAY IT NOW!

  • Apple Boom

    Hedgehogs are angry, so angry you can make them explode just by clicking them! Use explosion waves from hedgehogs to move other hedgehogs. Five needles from a hedgehog is enough to make the apples go boom!  PLAY IT NOW!

  • Frogout

    Use your powerful tongue to rescue the remaining people and the world from evil mutated flies. In this exciting puzzle/physics game you play as mutated frog - the last hope for humanity. Eat all flies to pass each lev...  PLAY IT NOW!

  • Water Jet

    Super fun addictive action physics game. Fly on the balloons through the maze avoiding obstacles. Extinguish all fires with water.  PLAY IT NOW!

  • Spiters Annihilation 2

    Get rid of all the monsters on the screen. No mercy!  PLAY IT NOW!